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Register for Arizona State University's CHART Speaker Series

Register in advance for Arizona State University's CHART Speaker Series

Published onJan 26, 2021
Register for Arizona State University's CHART Speaker Series

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Technologies are currently the centerpiece to communication, socializing, health care, business, social well-being, and national security. Technology's current ubiquity renders the new APA journal, Technology, Mind, and Behavior (TMB) even more relevant to human life. TMB provides a home for researchers who wish to elucidate human–technology interaction and share their research on an open forum, accessible to all. Understanding human–technology interaction will require reaching beyond our own disciplines to seek understanding others’ points of view, others’ theories, and others’ approaches. As such, the potential range of topics in TMB is wide reaching. These include but are not limited to artificial intelligence, robotics, mobile devices, social media, virtual/augmented reality, natural language processing, gaming, geographic information systems, autonomous vehicles, and biomedical technologies. Dr. McNamara will describe TMB, including six recent articles published in TMB related to CHART's missions to better understand human-robot interactions, artificial intelligence, and misinformation. She will also describe recent research in her Science of Learning and Educational Technology (SoLET) lab at ASU.

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